what we offer

Our solutions are tailor-made for your organisation, so will vary according to need.

Here are some examples of our 1/2 day workshops:

Managing musculoskeletal disorders


Practical ½ day course for managers, leaders, and HR personnel, covering the management of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace.

Practical relevant and focusing on real issues in the workplace


  • What are musculoskeletal disorders and what causes them
  • How to prevent them and minimise the impact in the workplace
  • Understanding and using the fitnote
  • Adapted and flexible working options to suit people with recurrent problems
  • Present or absent – how to know which is needed
  • Spotting the warning signs and getting staff the right help



Backschool at work 1

Understanding Back pain and what to do about it


Practical bespoke in-house ½ day course for healthy and happy backs,

Highly focused, practical and tailored to your needs


  • What is back pain and what causes it?
  • How to speed up recovery, and how to prevent it recurring
  • Working, not working or returning to work? When and how and what is needed
  • Self-help techniques, the warning signs, how to spot them and seek help rapidly
  • Good moves, postures and habits to keep your back and body happy and healthy



Backschool at work 2:

Working Active and Taking the long-term view


  • How to do the things you love doing and keep your back healthy
  • How to work active – getting the job done without sitting for hours on end
  • Learn and practise good healthy backhappy habits at work, rest and play
  • Getting your workspace right, and getting your work systems better
  • Getting the stress-balance right



Backschool at work 3:

Getting the workspace to work better


A practical ½ day workshop for all staff wishing to improve their health and wellbeing at work


  • How to optimise your workspace so that you can move well and sit well
  • Seating, posture, and ergonomics and getting the right stuff
  • Assessing your workstation, and making changes
  • Finding, fitting and using communal spaces
  • Creating the healthy habits that keep everybody working better.



Beyond the carrot or the stick

Healthy workplace culture 1

A ½ day course for leaders and managers on creating a healthy culture in the workplace


Staff health, knowing when people are better at home, or better at work is tricky, and delicate. Getting it wrong can leave both leaders and staff vulnerable to action, or complaint.

Working together can prevent problems, communication and having clear objectives and strategies are vital. This workshop explores these elements and more to give you the introduction to creating your own bespoke healthy workplace culture


We take things like

  • Sitting, standing, moving, meeting…
  • Lifting, learning, listening, leading


And work with you to see how they can be tweaked to create a great workplace, to reduce sickness absence and staff costs and to improve the positive vibe in your workplace.






Making it healthy by giving it meaning


Purposeful activity and doing work that has meaning have long been recognised as being therapeutic, being ‘good’ for us and likely to improve our physical and mental health


This ½ day highly interactive workshop explores how this concept can be introduced into your workplace


  • What we mean by meaning and purposeful activity
  • How to put purpose into our normal daily work activities
  • How to improve your workplace health by increasing meaning
  • Increase resilience and engagement with meaning in your culture





Creating a healthy workplace culture requires plenty of change, which takes energy and understanding. Its important to identify the needs and meet them and measure them. We provide ongoing support through this process and maintain the change momentum by building in healthy changes to every day working life. That way healthy habits form and become as automatic brushing teeth, charging the phone or setting the alarm.
We work with you identify and discuss the needs, the work, the work place and the problems. We meet with the leaders, the teams, HR and all those involved in the organisation for whom creating a healthy workplace culture is important. We place high emphasis on inclusion, on working together, on being active and mindful and on having shared purpose. These four are key to both the organisation as a whole and to the specific project of creating the healthy culture.

The consultative process, the frequency and format will be tailored to the organisation’s needs. The high levels of two-way communication is an important  part of the supportive process.

Maintaining momentum can be a challenge for individuals and organisations at times. Staff turnover and role changes, fluctuating economics and changes to business structure can all create culture wobbles. At these times we provide a revisit to review and revise, reinforce and refresh the organisation in its purpose.

Other courses and training:

Backschool –  single session or extended course

This is our signature tune. Intensive 1-4 session courses for small groups of people with current pain and strain, such as back or neck pain. We cover information about musculoskeletal disorders, how they occur, how they progress and heal, how to prevent them re-occurring, recovery, and adaptive behaviour.

What you’ll get out of it.
You’ll feel better! In-depth knowledge and understanding of what’s causing the pain and strain and how to stop it happening in the future. More confidence in managing your own and others’ injuries including: why it hurts, how long it takes to get better, what makes it better and worse, and what to do if it happens again. How and where to get the best help and treatment options. Ways of doing everyday activities in a healthier way so you can concentrate on being happier and more creative.

In-situ walkabout

Individualised and detailed consideration of the work area, work station and work habits.
Practical solutions at the work station, including ways and techniques to reduce strain, how to integrate movement and activity into the working day, work station assessment and layout.

What you’ll get out of it.
You’ll be set up more comfortably and aware of what’s causing you discomfort and how to avoid it. You’ll know how to set yourself up at your workstation in a way that suits your body best – from the right heights and angles for desks, chairs and screens to the best ways to do all the bends, lifts and twists of the working day.

Extended one-or two day wellbeing workshops

For managers, leaders and HR personnel.
An in-depth look at the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and how it can transform your organisation. We cover the four fundamentals of wellbeing: collaborative working, being active, being mindful and having purpose and how they improve engagement, productivity, resilience – and the bottom line.

We’ll look at how organisations which have integrated wellbeing into their culture have prospered and how your organisation can do the same.

We provide skills and tools for practical management of musculo-skeletal disorders and ways of improving the working culture to prevent stress and strain in the future.
We have you go beyond the fix, and look at making a real swing from having wellbeing as a goal, to making it a reality.

What you’ll get out of it.
A thorough understanding of how your organisation can benefit from an integrated wellbeing culture – from the big picture to the day to day detail. Ideas for ways to improve communication, morale, engagement, productivity, resilience, happiness and health. Greater confidence in identifying existing stress and strain in the workplace. Practical tools for managing musculoskeletal disorders including: best treatment options and how to access them, how to minimise time off sick, ways of supporting return to work, adapting work space for prevention of further stress and strain. And how to manage changes so they are sustainable and integrated.

Follow-up support and mentoring

Follow-up sessions are the key to keeping up the momentum and maintaining the changes you make. It is very effective to have follow-up visits, to review progress and set the next goals, discuss areas of difficulty, and to encourage what’s going well, particularly in the early months. This then can become an annual ‘check-up’ as the wellbeing culture becomes established in the organisation.

What you’ll get out of it.
Regular support and advice to manage the changes you make. Organisational ‘health checks’ to make sure your goals are kept in view and the new habits and ways of working become automatic. Trouble shooting for any difficulties arising out of the changes while they take time to establish. Continued support as new staff arrive, new challenges present.

Speaking and Talks

We love talking about what we do! If you would like a talk for a small lunchtime group or a presentation at a conference or anything in between, we  try to cater! Do contact us.

Fees and costs

Please contact us for a quote for your needs.