how we do it

The Flowmotion culture

We work with your systems.

“…the leg bone’s connected the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…”

Healthy, efficient bodies are balanced and connected. This is how people function best and it’s the same with all your systems – organisational, human and physical. Good work places have a flow to them. Everything that’s useful is easily reached and it all links up together, whether that’s your IT system, how you organise your work rota, how you run your meetings or how you talk to your staff.

So we go beyond finding a fix for something that’s broken. We want to stop things getting broken in the first place. Our focus is to encourage and support a culture in which individuals feel empowered through a sense of ownership of their own working process and a sense of purpose in their working lives.

We start with your people.
Your people are the foundation of your business, the most valuable resource you have, so it makes sense to make the best for them. Everyone works better when they’re in good relationship to each other and to the business. Our process focuses on identifying the great qualities people have and then finding and connecting the skills and attributes of each person. In this way we build team spirit to create a work culture that is collaborative and sustainable.

We empower rather than impose.
Current organisational thinking identifies a sense of self-direction and larger purpose as the most powerful motivators for people at work, more even than higher pay. We all ‘buy in’ and adapt more easily when we have chosen to invest ourselves in something, rather than feeling it’s been imposed upon us. We take this idea into all aspects of our work: our consultation process, our in-situ sessions, our workshops and our on-going support.

We make the change sustainable.
Our collaborative approach means you and your team own the change that happens. People commit to any adjustments if they’re consulted about what works for them especially when the changes make them feel better. Our process means that changes develop out of consultation and communication. And changes that are made together create an on-going success for the future.
Your new culture grows out of what is already there and so can be easily assimilated and spread throughout your organisation and beyond.

It may even become normal to feel great at work!