Are you a Butterfly or a Rock?

Change takes time, and often it’s instinctive to avoid it. We are creatures of habit really and once we are familiar with something we tend to like to stick with it. Some of us hate change and some of us seek it. But, inevitably, most of us land between both camps, and that will vary according to what the activity… Read more →

If you want change, act!

I remember someone once saying that every group had objectors, but only 5% of those who objected spoke up, unable to accept what they heard because it simply didn’t make sense. Change doesn’t just happen. Change takes effort. It takes creativity and courage. The Apollo moon landings did not ‘just happen’. It needed an audacious spark, and many creative, courageous… Read more →

How loud do you have to shout?

  Generally our bodies have to shout pretty loud to get our attention. We’d sooner service the car than look after our own body. Pain, though is one of the attention-grabbing ways our bodies get our heads to listen. Back pain is really common. Most of us – 4 in 5 – will have it at some point. It’s one… Read more →

How to do more, be more engaged and productive?…………. Work less!

  There seems to be never-ending pressure on working people to increase productivity, and for organisations to be constantly seeking ways to deliver competitive results, and to maintain and improve their place in a competitive market place.Long hours with no break, eating a ready-made lunch at the desk, and working from mobile devices in the evenings and weekends, seem to… Read more →

Work habits, stress and brain wiring

The habit of working long hours sitting at a desk and not stopping for lunch, raises stress and fatigue levels, reduces immune function, and executive brain functions like logical thinking, problem solving, perception and judgment. It can increase the likelihood of illness, injury and insomnia. In recent years, work absence due to stress anxiety and depression has increased by 20 percent.… Read more →

Back Pain Week -Thank you!

Last week was National Back Pain Week in the UK. There have been loads of interesting posts, pins, articles, comments and conversations that demonstrate just what an important topic back pain remains. Over the last twenty years of working with people with back pain, I have seen a real awakening that treatment must involve an integrated and holistic approach to be… Read more →