Mia Lederman  

Version 4Founding Director, osteopath and facilitator
Mia  has a particular interest in systems thinking and integrative health. She has been a health professional for over twenty-five years. She is trained in both Occupational Therapy and

Osteopathy, both of which are systems approaches to health, with principles rooted in the inter-relationship between form, function, adaptability and purpose.

Mia blends skills from both professions to help people she works with to optimise their health and wellbeing.

She has a wealth of experience both clinical practice, and consultative and group facilitation . To this she adds business consultancy, leadership, change and is currently working towards a PGC on the Circular Economy. She leads wellbeing initiatives in organisations with a positive style of focused informality,  aiming to bring out the skills, knowledge and talents of everyone in the room, to share and collaborate in achieving a common purpose. To bring about change that lasts she describes four keys, working together, increasing awareness, getting active and having purpose.

She is inspired by three concepts:

  • We all have unique instincts, knowledge and perspective,
  • We thrive when we can choose to do something purposeful, and
  • We have the lifelong capacity to adapt and grow.

Living in Flowmotion grew from these roots.

“There is a real movement happening now, where people are looking to organisations to focus on integrating health and wellbeing into their work culture. And there is a growing body of evidence that organisations which do so, enjoy a positive return on investment, gain a positive brand image, and attract and retain highly skilled and engaged people who do great work.

The ranks of linear desk-cells are being replaced by contemporary workplaces that have movement and daylight and fresh air. Office spaces flow, and have meeting places in which people move about and work together. Contemporary working has transparency, creativity and purpose, where everyone’s skills talents and autonomy are welcomed, and nurtured, and flourish to benefit the the individual, the organisation, and the wider community as a whole.

It’s a virtuous flowing cycle.

Healthy workplace, better health,

better work, healthy bottom line…


That’s the Living in Flowmotion culture we help companies create.”

Mia Lederman